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MQL5 Programs Market.

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The Most Wanted EA based on AI and Vector Machine Learning, using quantum computing and Open AI technology, would likely be a highly advanced trading tool that utilizes the latest in AI and computational technology to analyze the foreign exchange market and make predictions about future price movements. The EA would likely use vector machine learning to analyze large amounts of historical data and identify patterns in the market. By using vector representations of the data, the EA would be able.

Bonnitta EA is based on Pending Position strategy ( PPS ) and a very advanced secretive trading algorithm. The strategy of Bonnitta EA is a combination of a secretive custom indicator, Trendlines, Support & Resistance levels ( Price Action ) and most important secretive trading algorithm mentioned above. DON'T BUY AN EA WITHOUT ANY REAL MONEY TEST OF MORE THAN 3 MONTHS, IT TOOK ME MORE THAN 100 WEEKS(MORE THAN 2 YEARS) TO TEST BONNITTA EA ON REAL MONEY AND SEE THE RESULT ON THE LINK BELOW.

Mean reversion range EA for majors and cross currency pairs. Live performance : GBPUSD | USDCAD | USDCAD demo | EURUSD Timeframe : M15. Broker timezone settings . " Winter UTC offset, hours " - winter offset. " Winter/summer changes schedule " - schedule of server DST shift. It is UTC+2/+3 winter/summer by default and it is valid for most brokers. Risk settings . Volume is set with inputs " Money management ", " Value for Money management ", it is fixed lot, fixed risk per.

It helps to calculate the risk per trade, the easy installation of a new order, order management with partial closing functions, trailing stop of 7 types and other useful functions. Attention, the application does not work in the strategy tester. You can download the Demo version on the description page Line function - shows on the chart the Opening line, Stop Loss, Take Profit. With this function it is easy to set a new order and see its additio.

Supply and demand is the foundation of the Forex market. I've created an advanced AI expert that is capable of identifying the right moments to place orders based on current supply & demand situation. It determines the exact entry zones by analysing the change of price and volume. Even though such a thing as 100% certainty doesn't exist in Forex, the footprint left by buyers and sellers allows Fringe to predict further direction of particular symbols in the future. What is it? it is Artificial.

Wolf Scalper is a fully automated scalping robot that uses a very efficient breakout strategy, advanced money management and probabilistic analysis. Most effective in the price consolidation stages that occupy the bulk of the market time. Proven itself on real accounts with an excellent risk-to-reward ratio. Does not need forced optimization, which is the main factor of its reliability and guarantee of stable profit in the future. S uitable for both beginners and experienced traders. Monito.

EA has a live track record with 4.5 years of stable trading with low drawdown: Live performance MT4 version can be found here Waka Waka is the advanced grid system which already works on real accounts for years. Instead of fitting the system to reflect historical data (like most people do) it was designed to exploit existing market inefficiencies. Therefore it is not a simple "hit and miss" system which only survives by using grid. Instead it uses real market mechanics to its advantage to make p.

Darwin SWING Launch price 999 USD , future price 1490 USD DESCRIPTIONS: -- To understand how it works, come read the blog (This EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading. If you like the way I look at it, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it! (Forex is not a race): -- To see the past performance here are the links of the signals Live and demo signals: EXPLANATION: After t.

Uni Bot is a trendy neural network trained bot. An expert system based on a neural network based on a new specially developed architecture (T-INN) Target-IntelNeuroNet. For this variant of the Expert Advisor to work, there is no need to download the file of the trained neural network, since for the ease of use by the end user of the neural network forex bot, most users encoded a number of neural networks in the body of the bot. But in order for the bot to better adapt to the specific history.

HAlgo RTM EA MT5 is fully automated expert that utilizes the “RTM” principle – Reversion to the mean. It’s a statistical principle in all markets which means that the price won’t go to far from its average. Link to MT4 version: Link to live run of EA: We used our 7 years’ experience in the markets to convert this concept into a fully AI algorithm. This is a promotional price and will be increased after s.

Multi-Currency and Fully Futomated Trading System that works during the American Trading Session. Оnly 3 Copies Out of 10 are Left at $ 545! Next Price --> $ 970 We DO NOT use Grid or Martingale . Default Settings for one chart EURNZD M15 Live Perfomance Settings Installation Guide Each trade has a fixed SL and profit tracking. The system works on one chart EURNZD M15. The algorithm works simultaneously on multiple currency pairs that have a strong mean reversion trend with high prof.

First Launched Price is 500 USD only for the five buyers. -- Available 0/5 copies. Price Now 6 00 USD only for the five buyers. -- Available 1/5 copies. Rent just for 5 renter -- Available 1/5 copies. Next Price is 8 00 USD MT4 version available My plan is that Siger OB EA is part of the EA Smart Money Concept series. This EA uses Orderblocks for trading in collaboration with Artificial Intelligence. Siger Orderblock EA is Artificial Inte.

EA Gold Stuff mt5 is an Expert Advisor designed specifically for trading gold. The operation is based on opening orders using the Gold Stuff mt5 indicator, thus the EA works according to the "Trend Follow" strategy, which means following the trend. For Expert Advisor need hedge type account Contact me immediately after the purchase to get the settings and a personal bonus! Real-time results can be viewed here . SETTINGS Open new series - on / off beginning of a new series of orders. Start l.

Do you think that in markets where the price can change in a split second, placing orders should be as simple as possible? In Metatrader, each time you want to open an order, you have to open a window where you enter the opening price, stop loss and take profit, as well as the trade size. In trading the financial markets, capital management is essential to maintain your initial deposit and multiply it. So, when you want to place an order, you probably wonder how big a trade you should open? Wha.

Only 1 copy of the EA left at $1450 ! Next price --> $1650 EA has high-performance live track records of different set files: XAU Risky Vol XAU Balanced Vol XAU Risky XAU Balanced XAU Classic MT4 version can be found here Golden Pickaxe is a mean-reversion grid trading system that uses machine learning technology to place high-profit potential trades on the Gold market. It uses real market inefficiencies to its advantage to have an edge over the market. The EA has 5 predefined set fi.

TradeAngel is a powerful & exciting trading Robot for the DE40 (aka DAX40/GER40) Index. All products and signals: TRADE ANGEL TradeAngel Monitor REAL Blaze $10k Start: TradeAngel Monitor IC $3k Start : TradeAngel 100K Prop Pass: Use good broker with DAX Spread.

Gold Veritas is a fully automatic Forex Expert Advisor for quiet hours. Special discount Monitoring the work of the adviser: Correct GMT setting: All the parameters necessary for the most understandable and simple optimization are available in just 6 settings. You can adapt the adviser to your preferences: adjust risk levels or customize it yourself for a specific broker. Parameters of 4 currency pa.

The Scalping Project EA follows a scalping breakout strategy. It trades the breakouts from relative highs and lows. For the entry stop orders are used for the fastest possible execution. Profits can be secured by the adjustable trailing stop. Since the strategy works with small average profits it is highly suggested to trade with a low spread and commission broker. Trading costs are crucial here! The backtests shown in the screenshots were done with the default settings. There might be better or.

Sun is an aggressive multi-cycle scalper designed for EURUSD M1 . Each cycle is independent. it uses a sequence of orders and has its own TP and SL . It uses a martingale system. This EA is using strong recurrences of the past to take position and achieve a high success rate . It is very important to read the blog post before you start. The minimum deposit is $100 for a 1:500 leverage. An autolot system is included . I recommend to use a 1:500 ECN account wit.

Darwin EVOLUTION promotion !! 1490 USD to 990 USD Limited time (Offer valid up to arrival of the next update, do not waste time ) . You can not make Backtest of this EA, it will open orders without any logic! Descriptions: - To understand the operation, come and read the blog (this EA reflects my philosophy of forex trading . If you like my way to see things, then you will like my EA. Take the time to do it !! (Forex is not a race): -

Venzo EA is an Open and Fully Automated Daily Trading System. Оnly 3 Copies Out of 10 are Left at $ 445! Next Price --> $ 775 We DO NOT use Grid or Martingale . Default Settings for EURUSD and USDJPY M15 Guide Defence LIVE Performance The Mechanism Uses the Breakout Strategy of the Main Price Channel in the Market to EURUSD and USDJPY. The Algorithm uses the division of a pending order into several parts (up to 10 parts), which significantly reduces slippage. The.

Current promo: Now only 349$! Final price: 999$ NEW: Buy now and get 1 EA for free! (for 2 trade accounts) Make sure to check out our " Ultimate EA combo package " in our promo blog ! STARLIGHT is a very advanced, low risk night scalper which uses a unique approach to the entry algorithm compared to other night scalpers. It was developed using years of experience in live trading with the mean-reverse strategy, and selected only the best pairs and techniques to be included in this EA. Sinc.

1 Copy Left at this price -> Next price 499$ Dark AI is a fully automatic Expert Advisor for Scalping Trading on Eurusd . This Expert Advisor is based on the latest generation of Artificial Intelligence technology and is highly customizable to suit your trading needs. If you Buy this Expert Advisor you can write a feedback at market and get a second EA for Free , for More info contact me The basic strategy of this EA is built on a sophisticated artificial intelligence.

ONLY 3 COPIES OUT OF 10 LEFT AT $299! After that, the price will be raised to $399. IMPORTANT! Contact me immediately after the purchase to get instructions and Manual Guide to set up EA. - LIVE SIGNAL: Real operation monitoring as well as my other products can be found here: The strategy was Back-tested Stable from 2003 to 2022 using every tick based on real ticks in MT4 using Dukascopy Real Ticks 100% t.

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Equinix LD4 London, UK 51.5235, -0.636.

Equinix NY4 New York, US 40.7765, -74.072.

Equinix SP3 Sau Paulo, Brazil -23.4663, -46.8634.

Equinix HK1 Hong Kong 22.3656, 114.1171. AMS1 Amsterdam, Netherlands 52.3918, 4.665. MOW1 Moscow, Russia 55.736, 37.721.

Falkenstein FSN1 Falkenstein, Germany 50.4788, 12.3327.

Interxion FRA3/FRA8 Frankfurt, Germany 52.3918, 4.665.

Aurora 1 Chicago, US 42.0011, -87.9571.

Mumbai Mumbai, India 19.1131, 72.8925.

Johannesburg Johannesburg, South Africa -25.9305, 28.1362.

Singapore Singapore 1.3226704, 103.9186452.

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Hello developers! I need an easily integrated library for optimization and analysis. input for IS and SO and customizable period range windows. I use my custon calculation example: tester()

I need a good developer to build me an MT5 EA that will trade based on candle break of structure higher/lower. I want an EA that will buy when ever a candle break and close above high/low of structure. I will provide screenshots for the job when we make a deal.

Basic design S cript needs to have modular build with functions and i needs to track multiple zones so arrays and loops zone is time zone let say from 14 to 15 every day but position can by open based on zone created 5 days ago so you array to store min and max values for each zone.

Basic design S cript needs to have modular build with functions and i needs to track multiple zones so arrays and loops zone is time zone let say from 14 to 15 every day but position can by open based on zone created 5 days ago so you array to store min and max values for each zone.

Hi Script in Pine Editor for new Indicator develop a new indicator on Pine Editor and perform backtesting to improve preformance Can you please help to code this in Pine Editor or MQL5 (for MT5), also include the backtesting to optimize parameters, Thanks.

Hi guys I want to build an EA which detects liquidity in the market. I want build an EA which detects orders of retail or smart money traders.The EA should place orders but that in a second step. The modules are: Detection of Retail patterns and Smart Money Orders Draw Point of Interests Draw Inducements It's important to know what an Inducement is. An Inducement is nothing else than the trap for retail and smart.

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Fed Raises Interest Rates By Another Quarter Point, Signals Further Rate Hikes The Federal Reserve on Wednesday announced its widely anticipated decision to raise interest rates by another quarter point. After a two-day meeting, the Fed said it has decided.

Canadian Dollar Hovers Near Five-Month Peak The Canadian dollar was hovering around $1.33, close to levels not seen since September 2022, as investors considered the Federal Reserve's latest monetary policy decision. The US central bank slowed the pace at.

Dollar Falls 1% after Fed The dollar index lost nearly 1% to 101.1 on Wednesday as investors digest the latest FOMC decision and Chair Powell comments during the regular press conference. General market sentiment saw a more dovish tone as policymakers rais.

US 10-Year Bond Yield Falls on Powell Comments The yield on the 10-year US Treasury note fell to 3.39% on Wednesday, approaching low levels not seen since April last year, as investors digest the latest FOMC statement and Fed Chair comments. The Federal Re.

US Stocks Turn Positive After Powell Comments The Dow recovered from a 400-point drop to cross into positive territory on Wednesday, while the S&P 500 and the Nasdaq 100 added 1.1% and 2.2%, respectively, as investors digested remarks from Fed Chair Jerome.

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Euro Edges Higher after Fed, ECB Eyed The euro extended gains to $1.09 on Wednesday, remaining close to levels not seen since April last year, benefitting from a softer dollar as the Fed continued to dial back the size of the interest rate increases as exp.

LASSO-EA: 1000% per year! (started: January-21' 2023) Signal: Results on February-01 '2023: +6.89% Fully chronology of project since start here: .

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Filter Push Notificaitons PLease Help ! MT4 Strategy tester Bug in MetaEditor Build 3566: Wrong display of double floating point numbers in the debugger window Create groups and communicate with fellow traders in the updated Chat Comment selected lines How to Login To Community on MT4 with MQL5 login details to download purchases I need to know something about importing MQH files into my source code telegram copy trade retrieve all the magic numbers in Ordershistory What is wrong here (BB EA)? Rectangle to fill or not to fill? Open another trade Dolly new MT4 Several indicators handles based on each other Signals on MQL5 website not showing in MT4 platform and unable to add to chart/buy how to Access MYSQL in MT5 (use libmysql.dll) Forecast and levels for Oil Press review Rename a symbol in MT5 - EURUSD to EURUSDm.

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DoEasy. Controls (Part 29): ScrollBar auxiliary control.

In this article, I will start developing the ScrollBar auxiliary control element and its derivative objects — vertical and horizontal scrollbars. A scrollbar is used to scroll the content of the form if it goes beyond the container. Scrollbars are usually located at the bottom and to the right of the form. The horizontal one at the bottom scrolls content left and right, while the vertical one scrolls up and down.

Category Theory in MQL5 (Part 2)

Category Theory is a diverse and expanding branch of Mathematics which as of yet is relatively uncovered in the MQL5 community. These series of articles look to introduce and examine some of its concepts with the overall goal of establishing an open library that attracts comments and discussion while hopefully furthering the use of this remarkable field in Traders' strategy development.

Develop a Proof-of-Concept DLL with C++ multi-threading support for MetaTrader 5 on Linux.

We will begin the journey to explore the steps and workflow on how to base development for MetaTrader 5 platform solely on Linux system in which the final product works seamlessly on both Windows and Linux system. We will get to know Wine, and Mingw; both are the essential tools to make cross-platform development works. Especially Mingw for its threading implementations (POSIX, and Win32) that we need to consider in choosing which one to go with. We then build a proof-of-concept DLL and consume it in MQL5 code, finally compare the performance of both threading implementations. All for your foundation to expand further on your own. You should be comfortable building MT related tools on Linux after reading this article.

MQL5 Cookbook — Services.

The article describes the versatile capabilities of services — MQL5 programs that do not require binding graphs. I will also highlight the differences of services from other MQL5 programs and emphasize the nuances of the developer's work with services. As examples, the reader is offered various tasks covering a wide range of functionality that can be implemented as a service.

Population optimization algorithms: Cuckoo Optimization Algorithm (COA)

The next algorithm I will consider is cuckoo search optimization using Levy flights. This is one of the latest optimization algorithms and a new leader in the leaderboard.

DoEasy. Controls (Part 28): Bar styles in the ProgressBar control.

In this article, I will develop display styles and description text for the progress bar of the ProgressBar control.

Data Science and Machine Learning (Part 10): Ridge Regression.

Ridge regression is a simple technique to reduce model complexity and prevent over-fitting which may result from simple linear regression.

Population optimization algorithms: Grey Wolf Optimizer (GWO)

Let's consider one of the newest modern optimization algorithms - Grey Wolf Optimization. The original behavior on test functions makes this algorithm one of the most interesting among the ones considered earlier. This is one of the top algorithms for use in training neural networks, smooth functions with many variables.

Population optimization algorithms: Artificial Bee Colony (ABC)

In this article, we will study the algorithm of an artificial bee colony and supplement our knowledge with new principles of studying functional spaces. In this article, I will showcase my interpretation of the classic version of the algorithm.

Padrões de opções binárias

Padrões de opções binárias - guia completo para identificar e usar padrões de negociação lucrativos A capacidade de tomar decisões é uma c...